Answers Community Church


What does scripture say about giving?

Based on 2 Corinthians 9:7 we, at Answers, believe in giving joyfully and abundantly as we are led by the God who has blessed us. The gift ought to be given joyfully and freely. Not obligating anyone to repay, or even to expect some future blessing in return, for we are owed nothing in this life.

Why Give?

As Christians we have been unbelievably blessed by our Creator. Scripture says that we have been adopted into the family of God, and that He is our Provider. As such we have a responsibility to use our resources wisely and to bless the communities we belong to. Along with that responsibility we ought to ensure that others around us, who are also loved dearly by our Father, have the necessities to travel the same difficult path of life we all face; though our circumstances may differ. This means sharing what we have been so graciously given with others around us, to whomever the Spirit of God inclines us.

What are my tithes and offerings used for?

The financial gifts made to Answers Community Church are used primarily to “keep the lights on” and to fund the various ministries we participate in, both foreign and domestic. Though traditionally we may think of our giving as financial tithes and offerings, there are many ways we can give of our time and ourselves that don’t necessarily involve dollars. Check out our Ministry page for opportunities to participate and make an impact on lives in our communities.



We use Easy Tithe as our online and mobile platform for giving. You can give one time or set up automated giving where you can automatically give on a specific date each month.