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Maturing Christians in their faith

What Is Discipleship?

A disciple is a follower. So, a Christian disciple is someone who follows Jesus with true intent to become more like Jesus. As a disciple spiritually grows in Christ, they are commanded to make other disciples and help them to follow Christ. This is what biblical discipleship looks like.

Why Is Discipleship Essential?

Discipleship produces new leaders who can carry out Christ’s rescue mission. The process of discipleship involves spiritual growth and maturity that increases one’s desire to win souls. If we fail to make disciples who will go and tell the world about His saving faith, who will?

What Does Scripture Say about Discipleship?

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

How Is Answers Training up Disciples?

Answers has ministries that are geared towards helping believers grow closer to Christ. Moreover, these ministries are very focused on understanding God’s purpose for your life and who you’re called to be in your relationships with others.

This is a three-year discipleship program that helps men draw closer to God, while equipping them to help other men do the same. This program instructs men on how to be a good man, husband, father, son, and servant of the Lord. It has everything that do with being a biblical man that God is pleased with.


This is a two-year discipleship program that teaches women how to live based on God’s word. It covers how to study, understand,
and apply God’s word to their life and how to disciple other women

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